If you are a dancer looking for a community and platfom providing a new experience networking, here we are.

We believe that a community is fuelled by the synergies and interactions with their members and other people that can inspire and be inspired by.  Also, we care for a community where anyone involved in this area can connect through digital experience to elevate dance as the main language to express themselves. Our main goal is to establish a place where Overground members show their creativity through dance and

performance to improve, promote, and enlarge their network.

Overground is looking for authenticity, genuine dancers, and performers that fulfill our idea of expressiveness within dance. We will use social media to create the profile of the community by uploading videos and photos that dancers send to us according to a specific style. Overground Dance is a project-based mostly on contemporary dance, but we apply any kind of genre.

This community is formed by a passionate team that makes Overground

a reality. We are thankful for everyone that in one way or another has interacted with the platform.


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