Unearth the talented performers of Overground showcased in the captivating projects of our clients.

Client: FITUR Madrid Turismo                                                                      Director: Hans Emanuel
Choreographer: Georgette Pascual
Production Company: Habitant Productions
Overground Dancer: Teresa Álvarez

Client: Just Dance / Ubisoft
Director: Imanol Ruiz De Lara European

Supervision Producer: Laura Diez/Camino @caminofilms.tv
Choreographer: Jamie Neale
Producer: Inma Gutiérrez/Olatz Oli
Producer assistant: Xavier Diez
Overground Dancer: Anna Engerström

Client: Gili
Director: Ram Baruch
Production Company: Mendips
Choreographer: Inbal Pinto
Overground Dancer: Cristian Gonzalez

Client: RIOJA D.O. 
Director: Uri Segarra
Production Company: Rare TV
Overground Dancer: Tanit Cobas



Client: Opticalia
Director: Uri Segarra
Production Company: La Joya
Overground Dancer: Beatriz Calzado